This is Part 1 for my Statistic-Database.

HOWTO get Travian-Player-Statistic

You can use my XML-Database-Export to create your own statistic-tool.
it’s free under one condition: link to my page… :)


build your own travian statistic page

A full list of my monitored servers is on http://travianstats.de/index.php?m=start
Here is an example for a little statistic-page: http://travianstats.de/tutorial/xml-player.txt

If you want to create your own tool, you can use my XML-Travian-Player-Statistic.
It provides an 8-day-overview about all villages and overall-inhabitants.

http://travianstats.de/api-player/[ENTER SERVER URL]/[ENTER UID].xml
For example: http://travianstats.de/api-player/ts5.travian.de/1652.xml
The first part of this XML-File looks like this:
xml travian player statistic 1

this is the player-section.

  • uid = user-id, created by travian
  • name = player-name (formated in UTF8)
  • aid = alliance-id, created by travian. you can use it to link to a separate page/function. (in this example it is 0, that means “no alliance”)
  • tribe = 1 = Roman, 2 = Teuton, 3 = Gaul, 4 = Nature, 5 = Natars, 6 = Egyptian, 7 = Hun
  • database = shortcode for MY database
  • server = URL for the travian-game

xml travian player statistic 2

this is the village-section:

  • did = the village-ID, created by travian
  • name = village-name
  • inhabitants = today inhabitants in the village
  • coordinates = coordinates on the travian-map
  • village_xml = a separate link to the XML-Travian-Village-Statistic
  • village_link = a link to my travianstats.de-page with complete history and statistic-graph

in this example, the player owns only one village. if a player owns more villages, they become listed one after the other.

xml travian player statistic 3

this is the history-section:
as you can see, i provide an 8-day-overview for every travian-player.
every day is separated by the <data>-section.

  • date = the date
  • rank = overall-player-rank, compared by all travian-players, server-wide
  • villages = count of villages, owned by the player
  • inhabitants = overall-inhabitants (all villages) on this day

as you can see, there is no increase, so that this player can be considered as an inactive.

xml travian player statistic 4
the rest of my XML-Travian-Player-Statistic.

  • domain = my domain :)
  • statslink = link to my page. this link contains the complete travian-player-history, all villages and alliance-statistics.
  • flash_inhabitants = a special file for my flash-graph-generation. it contains the complete inhabitants-developement for this player
  • flash_rank = same as flash_inhabitants, but with the ranking-developement by the player.

i hope, this article can help you with your own tool.
please send me a note, if you have any suggestions or ideas.


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